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Let’s talk about our fall trends. This season: it is all about brown, camel, grey and beige, which means neutral colors, plus there are plenty of reimagined skins (animal skins) and 50/50 looks ( don’t worry we will explain that ). Rich brown and camel are the new Fall16 colors. You can see it especially […]

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LAUNCH PARTY at ‘Chayaka Achrafieh’

Enjoy food music & clothes as we celebrate the 1st year of NAT BY CHAYAKA with the release of our new online shopping platform: LAUNCH PARTY at ‘Chayaka Achrafieh’ December 1st From 5pm to 9pm

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Well, first welcome to our new website, where you can find and shop our latest fashion trends. Our selection is not a regular boring selection, it is full of unique statement clothes that shatter your everyday routine. Second, we are not just an online shopping or a clothing store, we are more than that. Our positive energy and love will bring you more than just an outfit for a day or night out, it will bring you enough confidence to discover a new you. If you are already a customer you can relate if not then welcome and we promise it will! Our [...]

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