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Let’s talk about our fall trends. This season: it is all about brown, camel, grey and beige, which means neutral colors, plus there are plenty of reimagined skins (animal skins) and 50/50 looks ( don’t worry we will explain that ).
Rich brown and camel are the new Fall16 colors. You can see it especially on coats and knitwear which gives a cozy look. Brown is definitely a color that has to be in your closet!
In this Fall palette, beige and mocha are taking the lead, it will make your winter look, brighter and fun. This fun outfit will definitely need some faux fur, and we are all about that, this season.
Camel or greyed off, anything faux fur will give you a sophisticated look.
But we must keep it warm and classy this winter. If you wanna throw on wonderful animal print jacket go ahead, but don’t forget to keep it simple underneath that, we don’t want any “jungle” appearance.

Now let’s continue and talk about the 50/50 pattern. This color and fabric blocking will be perfect on monochrome or core neutral pieces. Splitting a jacket into two different colors and mirror-imagining combination will accentuate your look.
You might think this will get very complicated and messy, but there’s a good news (if you are not 2feet5), this 50/50 trend will elongate you, ladies! yes, it will!
Thanks to the optical illusion!

Since your ‘ootd’ (outfit of the day) is on point now lets talk about your ‘ootn’ (outfit of the night).
This fall- winter party wear, you just mix berry tones with metallic accent, shimmer, laces and sheer but, of course, a statement faux fur coat to highlight this party look and you are ready to go.

To sum it all up, this Fall 16, it is all about the cozy, classy, monochrome and minimalistic looks.
Don’t be afraid to layer too, layering with these neutral colors and mixing different materials will definitely make your outfit look more interesting.

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